12- Days of Healing Challenge

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Days 1-3

Building Confidence

Days 4-6

Get Your Habits in Place

Days 7-9

Planning a ​Healthy Holiday Feast

Days 10-12

How to Maintain Your Health

The Fastest Way for You to Succeed this Season!

Many people are intimidated, feel lost or give up on all the work they have put in over the year to live healthier and happier. The idea of making it through the holiday season without falling short on your health goals is daunting for most people... and maybe you feel the same way. But it doesn't have to be this way! It's not too complicated, too overwhelming, too time-consuming! It's time to realize that your life is more important than making other's feel comfortable at a Christmas party. Taking this huge step in confidence to stay on track represents a massive advantage for you. If you learn these simple techniques for creating a plan that you love that will get you through this year, you'll never look back!

What You'll Discover in this 12-Day Challenge:

  • The Best Herbs for Fall Health
    Learn the best herbs for staying healthy when others are fighting the flu.. 
  • The Forgotten Key to Wellness
    Mindfulness is the key. You'll learn how to get there without frustration.
  • The Recipes that Wow
    Come to the party with a plate of healthy goodness
  • The  Advantage of Having Help
    Taking the challenge is the first step. But completing it is another story. I'll be there to help you along the way!