3 Scientific Reasons to Stop Using a Microwave

3 Scientific Reasons to Stop Using a Microwave

Removing the microwave from your kitchen and never using one again is one of the best ways to instantly start living more holistically.

In 1945, Percy Spencer discovered that microwaves could be used to heat food. What a wonderful idea! But was it necessary and safe? Over the last 70 years, microwaves have been a staple in the American kitchen, and really with the majority of people thinking they are a necessary kitchen appliance. I also had to be awakened to the reality that it's not!salad-791891_1920

Research has shown that microwaves deprive the nutrients in our food. Take a look at these data.

  • When testing the nutrient content of broccoli after being boiled, steamed or microwaved, the microwaved broccoli had the least nutrient content. (17979232">17979232">17979232)




  • almonds-768699_1920Proteins have an important chemical structure that allows them to bind to other proteins or molecules and cause a physiological (normal) reaction to occur in the body. Without this specialized structure, they cannot do so. Microwaves were found to denature (disrupt the structure/unfold) plant proteins.  (18240290">18240290)




  • A mother's milk has all the nutrients and immune boosting components in it for a new baby. Microwaving it to warm it, will kill and/or restructure these nutrients for the growing baby. (9152826)




I had to rant about this yesterday on Facebook. See the video below:



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