New beginnings meditation challenge

31-Day New Beginnings Meditation Challenge Week Three

31 Day New Beginnings Meditation Challenge Week Three!

Welcome to the 31-Day New Beginnings Meditation Challenge.

Are you ready to bring peace and harmony to your life? 

This meditation challenge is split into 4 weeks. Each week is a new themed meditation focus. Since we all have different preferences, current lives, and different needs, we will add a variety of meditation techniques to the challenge.

You can follow each blog post (one per week of the challenge) for details, or join the virtual community of women who are participating in the challenge. Together we will build our best meditation habits and practice in order to continue meditating throughout our lives.



31-Day New Beginnings Meditation Challenge


Week 3 is a continuation of week 2! And that's great because Week 2 was great!
We will now add in more of the color therapy to our meditation experience with chakras. You'll have the same audios to listen to for each of the colors that we focus on this week.

The power of color and light:

Colors can influence our mood and are associated closely with particular emotions and qualities. Red with anger and frustration, blue with peace and calm. yellow with mental clarity, and abundance of gold and silver.

Now think about the color correspondence to the chakras. When one chakra is out of balance with the others or when it is more closed or more open, we have an imbalance in our personal lives and our health. The same can be said for the colors that are absent in our lives. If we are missing the color blue, for example, then this could mean we are experiencing insecurity or a poor ability to communicate. And vice versa, if there's a color that's dominating our lives, then it could mean that other energies and qualities are being lost.

Colors can be used to rebalance our emotions. You'll find in the chart below the colors and their attributes when in balance, and when not.


New beginnings meditation

Color meditation:

Sit quietly. With your eyes closed, breathe deeply and begin to concentrate on your breath.

For your first meditation, think of the color red. Visualize a red bubble of energy surrounding you. As you, breath in and out feel the bubble contract and expand with your breath. Think of the color pink. Again, visualize the pink bubble moving in and hot with your breath. What shade is your bubble? How does it feel being inside it? Warm? Bright? Dark? Loving?
Repeat the same practice using colors orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo, and violet, silver, gold, white, brown, and black. Do all the colors at once the entire week, or split the colors up into groups based on the schedule. Make note of your feelings with each color - likes? dislikes? Be aware of the feelings that were evoked with each color. Assess their meaning and work towards rebalancing a natural connection to each color.
If you feel ready, you can combine this practice with chakra meditation. Focus on the colors of each chakra and the radiating energy that is given from them.

Light Meditation:
It's really great that we are doing this meditation challenge during the winter season. It's a perfect time to see the benefits of sunlight. Even meditation on sunlight can uplift you almost as much as the sunshine itself. You can easily visualize the sun shining in the different colored light, but you may even one to open your eyes and view a candle flickering.

Sit in a comfortable position. Relax. Begin to breathe deeply and then taper off as you start to focus on the lit candle in front of you. Gaze softly at the flame. Let your mind focus on the light, slow down, and only think about the light itself. If you begin to wonder off into other thoughts, bring it back gently to your candle.

Viewing an object during meditation (alpha brain wave state) is a great way to develop mental focus. I often use the phosphene phenomenon, which is characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye, to refocus and connect with my mind. Have you done this before?

Use the meditation audios in the group to practice 10-minute meditations where you're focusing on 14 colors.



31 Day New Beginnings Meditation Challenge


Comment below with your reflections for this week's meditation experience.



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