How to make your very own Herbal Medicine Cabinet!

Healing at Home is Possible

Herbs are our medicine of the past, medicine of the present, and medicine of the future. If we keep this planet safe, we will be healthy and thrive.

Creating your own personal medicine cabinet with herbs, foods, and oils are the topic today.

Did you know I used to work in a pharmaceutical lab that studied the effects of etoposide (a cancer drug used in lymphomas and multiple myeloma)?

Interestingly the main ingredient of this high-priced drug comes from the mayapple herb.

I left the pharmaceutical and research labs to pursue my true calling – to help women like you rediscover natural ways to heal themselves.

Healing naturally is possible.

Renown Dr. Rashid Buttah says the most important thing in life is not love or gratitude. It is belief. If we believe, we are set free.

Whatever you believe, becomes your reality, and no one can take that away.

I believe in herbs, and I want to share my belief that they are our ultimate healing medicine.

So how do you create a naturally healthy home – on Monday I shared with you some info on toxins in your environment and how to protect yourself, on Wednesday, I discussed skin care, now I am going to give you herbal remedies for your internal body to heal you.

Sound good?

I am writing another book about herbs and how they physiologically change the body, by the way.
For your herbal medicine cabinet, you need

disposal gloves,



eye cup,



dark amber bottles for tinctures,

salve containers,

& mason jars.

Tinctures replace  over the counter medications – as far as convenience and side effects.
Infusions/Decoctions are used for internal use or for soaking your body in washes
Salves are used to rub on externally
Essential Oils can be used in a salve or for mental stimulation.
Of course, herbs!

Preferably in the whole form, or powdered.

Herbs must be kept in a cold, dark place or they will begin to degrade – waste of money and time.

So when you see herbs in a store under harmful LED lights, which by the way are dangerous for your retina, then you should know that the potency has diminished – therefore you should take more!
Or just order from me, and get a better quality organic choice.

Watch why this former physiology PhD student chooses herbs over pharmaceuticals. And how to make your very own Herbal Medicine Cabinet!



Let's first talk about wound care – to stop bleeding hemostatis– cayenne, green tea, yarrow, witch hazel – astringent. My favorite is cayenne – sprinkle it on.
Absorbents like activated charcoal and clays (bentonite, red, green) can draw out an infection as they do toxins, pus on a wound is bacterial buildup, and white blood cells begin to invade the area.
Anti-inflammatories – the 4 signs -
Dolor (pain) --st. Johns wort, chamomile, kava kava (back pain)
Calor (heat) --yarrow – however be careful not to use when fever is necessary
Rubor (redness) - calendula
Tumor (swelling) - nettle, plantain, chamomile (astringent)
There are many many herbs that are anti-inflammatories, so let me tell you  a few that are, and a few that are not – so you can kind of see the difference.
Are: Goldenseal, cleavers, chickweed, plantain, nettle, lavender, ashwagandha

Are not: cayenne, cascara sagrada, passion flower, star anise, squaw vine (partridge berry)

Let's now talk about digestive discomforts – food poisoning, diarrhea, etc...
Food poisoning – using echinacea, lobelia (to induce vomiting, but be careful!)

Consult with me for the right dosage needed!

Diahrrea – ginger, bayberry, astragalus and slippery elm (becoming overused)
Constipation – tincture – my personal signature formula – cascara sagrada is the main ingredient – I love it because CS doesn’t complete strip you of electrolytes like most commercial herbal detoxes can – leaving you dehydrated and on the verge of collapse.

I've been hospitalized because of dehydration – it is not fun at all!

For colds – I just got over a cold – no I did not use Theraflu.

I healed myself with herbs -
Foods: Lemon, garlic, onion, and ginger (blended up and drunk)
Herbs: yarrow, echinacea, elderberry
Oils: eucalyptus essential oil in a diffuser

For headaches – peppermint, sage, thyme, ginger, rosemary, feverfew.

Depending on what type of a headache (sinus, top of the head, emotional, migraine hormonal) you will take different herbs.


The list can go on and on, so how do you do it all efficiently?
If you want to learn more...join my Holistic Life Course for Women! It is a full course on herbal medicine, nutrition, keeping a healthy home, and living a holistic life.


Jennifer Hutchison Taylor is a herbal therapist, physiologist, author, doula, and reiki practitioner who helps women rediscover their feminine beauty and find the complete path to healing. As the founder of Beauty in Bloom, her mission is to promote generational wellness by providing natural, sustainable, and holistic health solutions for women. Beauty in Bloom exists to create a world where women are happy, healthy, and are taken back to their roots for healing. While herbs are the main tools that she uses, she combines this modality with superfood nutrition, spiritual guidance, and her rich biological sciences background to teach a powerful and revolutionary approach to holistic health.