Beauty in Bloom Holistic LifeCourse to Tap into Your Core and Unlock Your Feminine Energy

I've dedicated my life now to spreading the word about natural healing in order to continue to debunk the myths  and lies told by big business, monsanto, and the pharmaceutical companies. I left the pharmaceutical and research labs to pursue my true calling – to help women like you rediscover natural ways to heal themselves. Rediscover, because this understanding has just been lost, overlooked, and hidden from you. But it is there, within you. There's a seed of change and enlightenment within you, but it hasn't been watered, nurtured or given the light and attention that it needs... until now. ~Jennifer H. Taylor

Why This Course is So Great...


This course is based on your core energy centers - the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. The core is where we as women hold so much worry, pain and frustration, and also too much weight. I will help you release it all. Did you know that accumulation of visceral fat (deep adipose tissue surrounding your vital organs) is a sign of chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease, fibroids, and cancer? AND, it's the hardest area to lose fat? You'll learn in the course the intricate, and completely overlooked hormone, emotional, and nutitional balance that controls and prevents dangerous fat buildup. 


You'll learn my signature holistic approach that helps you live healthy in every aspect of your life. The simple, but effective tools I provide can be done with your whole family. My goal is to promote generation wellness. A holistic approach to prevention and treatment that you can actually use no matter your socioeconomic or educational background is at the center of this. You will learn how to run your healthy home, how to care for your body, and to optimize your healing to prevent disease. My job is to educate, so you don't have to medicate.


I already have 13 months of new material ready to add to the course. Some of what you can expect as soon as you sign up are powerful mindset practices like guided meditations, a 2-month exercise calendar that builds intensity and pushes you further, and a full guide to incorporate medicinal herbs into your everyday life. I know, and it has been proven, that having a coach, a team, or an accountability partner is a necessary aspect of changing your health habits. A few days on a juice cleanse are not enough to change the rest of your life. I'll be the first to say: "you DESERVE to reach and sustain your health goals. Period." 


I want you to lose weight, gain energy, and get healthy. It takes real transformation to do that. Therefore I've simplified it for you in an incredible holistic package for you to have and build from. Once complete, you'll never look back. The pharmaceutical industry is in business to keep you sick. There are simple ways to reduce or completely remove the dependence on pharmaceutical drugs and hospitals that are not working. I'm sure you have heard of this, and you may even also believe it. But are you doing what it takes to make it your reality? An occasional detox or increased salad intake is not enough. Often knowing something is very different than doing it. You might like a social media post of a healthy meal or root someone on who's posting pictures at the gym, but what are YOU doing each day to prevent dis-ease? In this course, we do what it takes, and it's 360 degrees of healing.

Learn Holistic Habits to Transform Your Life

6 Video + Content Modules that will help you get results.
Get Your Goals Set and Create a Doable Plan

Module: One | Opening 

The first step in changing your health is to get clear within your mind what you want to achieve and why. You'll receive a Mindset Workbook, Negative Thoughts Released Mantra Audio, Affirmations Worksheet, and Herbs for the Mind Guide.

Detox, Destress and Prepare for Change

Module: Two  | "I have"

Grounding Energy Work to Become Stable, Stedfast and Secure on your Path! This module focuses on balancing stress so you can have a more balanced life. You'll also do a complete 7-Day Mind + Body Detox here. World-renown, Dr. Rashid Buttar says "Detoxify your body and chronic disease cannot exist!"

Learn How to Heal Your Body

Module: Three | "I can"

Getting to know my body and how it works is what empowered me most to be able to heal myself. I share the important basics of reproductive and digestive health, nutrition facts, and you'll work on implementing self-care. With a healthy gut, you will heal from and prevent any other dis-ease. Do you want to fully curb your craving for sweets? How about stop acidosis? You can do it in the course!

Block the Naysayers and Bad Influences

Module: Four | " I feel" 

Even if you aren't dealing with a weight issue, for living a holistic life with little to no illness, a good healthy sex life, and to look and feel young with vitality, it's important to be able to constantly block all those obstacles in your way. This module helps you do just that.

Your Holistic Resources All in One Place

Module: Five | Garden of Goodies

  • 2-month fitness plan and calendar
  • Herbal Remedy Use Guide
  • Chakra-focused herbal formulas
  • Goal Setting Planner
  • Meal Planner
  • Morning Self-care Ritual
  • and More!
Learn How to Stay the Course

Module: Six  | Harvest

Sustainablilty is the most importnat goal for my personal work and for this course. This is not a 7-day fast or 21-detox. It is a lifestyle transformation. I'll show you how to maintain holistic habits for generational wellness. 

About Your Teacher

 Jennifer is an herbal therapist, teacher, physiologist, author, doula, and reiki practitioner who helps women rediscover their feminine beauty and find their complete path to healing. As the founder of Beauty in Bloom, her mission is to promote generational wellness by providing natural, sustainable, and holistic health solutions for women. While herbs are the main tools that she uses, she combines this modality with superfood nutrition, spiritual guidance, and her rich biological sciences background to teach a powerful and revolutionary approach to holistic health. She holds a Master's in Biology and one in Physiology and is certified in College Teaching. Jennifer has worked with women and young adults for over 10 years as a consultant and teacher.  She has taught several college-level biological sciences courses. Her physiology master dissertation was on the cellular and molecular pathways involved in metastatic colon cancer. 

“The seed of change is already planted within you. Let us nurture it together, watch it bloom, and harvest the fruits for generations to come.” 

*Message from Jennifer Taylor, MSc. CCMH Plus more of what you get in the course. 

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What Sensational Women Are Saying:

This class lets you know what is required to lose weight and gain energy. You have to be committed to releasing things from your diet to make that happen. It really made me think about my attraction to certain foods and if I am ready to give them up.

Dr. Aikyna Finch Coach, Author, Speaker, Nashville
Carla WilliamsonAlabama

The course is an enormous boost for my day-to-day life. It gives me positive insight and is an outline in many directions that I can follow to ensure that I get a full understanding of holistic approaches to improve my health and overall well being.


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 What You’ll Get

24/7- access to all 6 video modules on how to heal yourself. Plus new lessons and modules added each month! Mobile-friendly! 

20 + Worksheets, PDF summaries, checklists, homework, audio files, and more!

Organized content intentionally to make it easy for you to follow along at your own speed.

Over 20 videos and counting of information and strategies that you can use right now to start your ultimate wellness journey. 

A Complete guide to completely  supplementing your health with herbal remedies.

PowerPoint presentations on the physiology and function of your digestive and reproductive systems. 

 Energy-focused recipes that are uniquely designed to recharge and renew your body and mind. These plant-based recipes are formulated with proper food combining and accurate nutritional balance. 

7-Day Repeatable Detox guide to do your recommended monthly detoxing. Gently cleanse the mind and body with this guide.

A members-only sisterhood community that is forever growing. It's scientifically proven that healing shouldn't happen alone.  

...and so much more!

Is this Course Right for You?


  • Women who are fed up with health programs that don't work or only offer 1/2 the solution.
  • Women who want a holistic - mind, body, spirit approach to losing weight and gaining more energy.
  • Women who are motivated, but sometimes need a boost.
  • Women who love themselves enough to say YES to a longer, happier, and more beautiful life.
  • Women who want to know how to REALLY destress, eat healthy superfoods, and remove toxic chemcials from their homes. 


  • Women who are in denial about their health.
  • Women who are not committed to striving for better for themselves and their families.
  • Women who don't believe natural approaches work for them.
  • Women who refuse to make time for their health and happiness.
  • Women who compromise their health by settling when it comes to toxins in foods, home, and body care.

Full Membership

Complete Access to all 6 Modules and Bonus Conent

$397 / year

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Full Membership + 1 Month Detox Kit ($80 value) + 3, 1-Hour Personal Herbal Consultations with Jennifer ($495 value)

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You Also Get These Amazing Bonuses!

Access to a private Facebook* Group

Want more answers to your specific concerns? Then the private Facebook group is where we can chat about it. It is a safe space for you to share your healing experiences with the sisterhood. This group is completely optional, but can be very powerful for your journey.

*Don't have Facebook? That's ok! You can join the discussions thourhg out private online portal.


New Material Added

Every month, NEW videos and content are added on living holistically. Learn how to grow your own herbs, how to make your own soaps and creams, how to clean your home naturally. Basically everything you need to live as natural as possible. 


Office Hours = monthly clarity calls

Each month get on our Power Calls to review the strategies and stay accountable for the work you are putting in each day to change your life. 


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What Sensational Women Are Saying:

Jennifer was very positive and pleasant to watch. Almost refreshing. I appreciated her energy and enthusiasm she had throughout the course. My favorite parts of the course were the affirmations and goal setting worksheets. I really enjoyed a lot of things about this course, and I'm excited about creating a network with healing women. 

Sha Ridgely Graphic Designer, Baltimore
Alicia HowardMother of 2, Charlotte

I enjoyed the course. I think it's a unique approach to overall wellness. Jennifer is very knowledgeable about women's health, and the course proves it. From the mind to the womb she has techniques and herbs that help to alleviate some stresses. Her tone is very engaging, so it was like she was right here encouraging me in a kind loving way. I would recommend any woman who's ready to start feeling happy and good about themselves to take this course. Since I've been in the program, I've lost inches from my waist, and my core is strengthening daily by doing her recommended techniques.

I loved the course! The worksheets and audio downloads were the best. Mod 3 was also the best because of the scientific information.

Umeme Houston Designer, St. Louis

Choose Your Life Transforming Plan Below

There's a detox section in Module 2 where you can choose to add on my signature herbal detox blends.

Full Membership

Complete Access to all 6 Modules and Bonus Conent

$397 / year

Plus Membership

Full Membership + 1 Month Detox Kit ($80 value) + 3, 1-Hour Personal Herbal Consultations with Jennifer ($495 value)

$597 / year

Payment Plan Membership

Complete Access to all 6 Modules and Bonus Conent

$249 / 2 payments


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