Do you want to use natural, whole herbs to supplement your healthy lifestyle?

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Herbalism for Beginners

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What you get in the course:

Do you believe you can benefit from herbs, but don't know how to start utilizing them? Are you interested in supplementing your health with herbs, but you don't want to take OTC capsules? Are you interested in becoming an herbalist, but want to get a simple beginner's course before you commit to a full program?

Then this is for YOU!

25 Lessons to Help You

  • Understand the benefits of natural plant medicine.
  • Learn the benefits of 8, safe and reliable medicinal herbs to use at home.
  • Be able to prepare an herb using the standard methods.
  • Know tips and tricks of purchasing quality herbs.
  • ...and more!

Section 1

Why are herbs vital to understand and why you should want to learn how to use them in your everyday life. Herbalist Secrets: 5 best tips for finding, using and storing herbs for use.

Section 2

Getting ready to prepare your personal herbal medicine. Learn the most common prep techniques. See video demonstrations of each. Learn how to calculate the best herbal medicine tincture. 

Section 3

Learn 8 categories for herbs so you can better formulate your herbal medicine. Not al herbs are the same, but they do fall in to similar categories. Learn how to group herbs so you can better learn their purpose.

Section 4

These are 8 herbs organized based on body system that they are used to support. 8 Body systems are covered and you'll learn in detail on herb per section.

Section 5

A video description of important  body support herbs so that you can experience the herbs up close and personal.

Section  6

How you can learn even more and use the resources more effectively.

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This is a basic course in herbalism from a Certified Clinical Master Herbalist. The course is taught using video, audio, and PDF documents. It is a self-paced course that should take up to 4 hours total. There are some at-home practice assignments for you to do, too.