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Welcome to the Signature 7-Day Abundant Energy Detox

Thank you for selecting the Abundant Energy Detox Program. I'm Jennifer H. Taylor, founder of Your Beauty in Bloom, LLC.

I personally designed this program because I was so tired of the trendy detoxes out there that promised results, but were too complicated, too stringent or too harsh on my body. I wanted to feel good and revitalized after the program, not burned out and starving! Yes, cleansing your colon is extremely vital, but as a physiologist who suffered from eczema breakouts, I knew that my immune system would do really well with a liver and blood cleanse. I also struggled to find a cleanse that incorporated mindset! I dealt with anxiety and stress so I wanted help releasing things that were holding me back from the healthy life I desired most.

The Abundant Energy Detox was Born!

It's a mind and body detox that I have been doing for almost 2 years now, and I hope you enjoy it. My clients do it each month for 3 months as we work together in my 90-Program. 

Here's a general outline of the detox:

  • Each Am: Sun Salutations Yoga/ Meditation
  • PM: Stretching in bed
  • Monday - Wed: Fluids Only (Juicing, H2O, Herb Infusions)
  • Thursday: Colonic/Massage;
  • Thursday-Saturday: Raw/Steamed Food;
  • Everyday: Journaling Reflection
  • Sunday: Complete Fast with only water

This detox will set you on the right path to healing. So clear the plate, and let's start fresh. Use the meditation recordings and affirmations in the morning to assist you each day. I've also provided a list of several herbs that you can use to help cleanse your body. These herbs can be taken as single teas. If you have any questions about using them, send me a personal message via email

Your herbal detox blends are on their way!

This formula is not just a herbal laxative, it treats and supports the colon, liver, and kidneys as well as immune cells of the gut. If you are not on a “clean’ diet (meaning a 100% plant-based AND organic diet) then you should do a colon cleanse regularly. Even fruits and vegetables hold chemical pesticides and herbicides that irritate the digestive and reproductive systems. This disruption can make it difficult to properly digest foods. Digestion slows, and food then becomes clogged in our colon. 

Blood and Lymph Cleanse Tincture: You can take the blood and lymph formula as directed 3 times per day for up to 3 weeks ongoing. One of the functions of your lymphatic system is to transport white blood cells to and from the lymph nodes, which allows the immune cells to circulate to all parts of your body to inhibit bacterial or fungi overgrowth. Therefore, it is imperative to cleanse these passageways in order to boost the immune system, and fight disease.

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​7-Day Detox Method 

​7-Day Detox Journal + Schedule (additional notes pages)

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