Revive, Rebalance & Reclaim Women’s Health Webinar Series


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 12 *LIVE* Wellness Webinars for 2017!

Every 3rd Thursday of the month in 2017.

"Reserve Your Seats Now, for this webinar training series that will change change your entire life..."


Get inside scoop on health trends.

Learn ways to live healthier every day.

Get empowered to heal yourself.

In this webinar training series you'll

  1. Discover how to eliminate heavy bleeding, irritability, & cramping during your monthly cycle.
  2. Transform your entire home to a healthy and harmonious environment that's safe for your family.
  3. Exactly what is an alkaline diet, and how to simply implement it in your lifestyle every day.
  4. Create an herbal medicine cabinet that is filled with reliable and easy to find herbal remedies.
  5. Do a complete detox that sustainable and doesn't leave you tired and hungry.
  6. Dramatically reduce bloating, gas, indigestion, and other digestive complaints naturally.
  7. Create your own healthy daily habits that you can use to reduce stress and fight disease.
  8. And so much more...
Certified Clinical Herbal Therapist, Jennifer Taylor will explain how to balance your feminine hormones so you can reboot your energy levels. Finally heal from fibroids, anxiety, weight gain, PMS, and other feminine energy imbalances.
Each training session is approximately 1 hour.
After payment, look out for the confirmation email with the access password you'll need to join the LIVE webinars. Next month's webinar opens on the first of each month.  
Topic by Month

Full Series, Jan- Menstruation Support, Feb- Healthy Home, March- Alkaline Diet, April- Herbs 101, May- Detoxing, June- Digestion Support, July- Healthy Habits, Aug- Weight Management, Sept- Mindfulness, Oct- Herbal Tonics, Nov- Vegan Holiday, Dec- New Year, New You


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