{Video} Why I Believe in Herbs for Mental Health

I've had a few things happen recently that have lead me to talk today in the Daily Dose about Mental Health.

I'll discuss one of the experiences I had yesterday. I was at the grocery store, and as I was putting my groceries in the trunk of my car, I hear this awful screaming – it was a little boy yelling – "I want to get out, I want daddy, I want to get out, I want daddy". It wasn't really comprehensible screaming. His mother was trying to console him, with very kind words, like "I know you want to but you have to calm down"...so I had a feeling that this was more than just a temper tantrum.


When I finished and put my cart away, I rushed back to my car, to catch the mother and father before they left. I asked the mother if the child had anxiety and didn't like being in the car? I proceeded to tell her that I was an herbalist and that I usually work with adult women, but I might be able to help her son because I too had issues with anxiety.


She told me that he had autism. She said that they had tried everything, and she would be very interested in hearing about a natural solution to his anger and rage. I told her that I could suggest several herbs for him to try because I believed that herbs are powerful healers for mental health issues We exchanged numbers, and I left her as the boy caringly but also shockingly stared at me.


I believe that autism (which is a spectrum disorder that can lead to mental illness), anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer's, depression, trichotillomania, and other mental imbalances are just that – imbalance. There's an imbalance in certain macro and micronutrients, including microRNAs, which are regulatory molecules in the body. These imbalances can be helped with herbs, nutrition, meditation, exercise, and detoxing.


In the mornings, I look at some news articles and as soon as I opened Scientific America online, I saw this article



Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.41.25 AM


It that wasn't a coincidence. I am supposed to discuss this today because it may help someone seek help. There are many reasons why this is the case. Financial barriers, scary, harsh pharmaceutical drugs, denial, or lack of education around the severity of depression.


So I challenge you to understand that treatment from mental illness can be accomplished with safe, effective, and lower cost herbal remedies. That should be coupled with the other holistic concepts that I mentioned before.


I will actually be discussing this a little in my Beauty in Bloom Sisterhood Group Webinar on Herbs for Women 101. I'll be talking about 2 of my favorite herbs, and 3 herbs for mental health that  help with stress, anxiety, and mental balance. So if you are interested, in joining us on Thursday, ask to join the group via the link.


Until next time..


Jennifer Hutchison Taylor is a herbal therapist, physiologist, author, doula, and reiki practitioner who helps women rediscover their feminine beauty and find the complete path to healing. As the founder of Beauty in Bloom, her mission is to promote generational wellness by providing natural, sustainable, and holistic health solutions for women. Beauty in Bloom exists to create a world where women are happy, healthy, and are taken back to their roots for healing. While herbs are the main tools that she uses, she combines this modality with superfood nutrition, spiritual guidance, and her rich biological sciences background to teach a powerful and revolutionary approach to holistic health.